Golden Gate to Alcatraz

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Boarding Location

Pacific Swim Co.
Satterlee Breakwater, Sausalito, California, USA


Feb 22 2020


6:45 AM - 10:15 PM



Golden Gate to Alcatraz

A small group, iconic swim.

Enjoy the iconic views of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz.

Our 3-mile (4.8-km) small group Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz is fast-paced,  spectacular and a pleasure! This swim is current assisted, which means you’ll swim with the flood or incoming tide, enjoying the views and not having to worry too much about your progress or sighting. You’ll swim directly to Alcatraz Island, directly down the central bay.

Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Swim
Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Swim – Pacific Open Water Swim Co.

Escape to Alcatraz!

As amazing as the Alcatraz swims are, this swim in many ways is more fun!

This swim starts at the center span of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll feel the power of the current as it flows under the Gate, yet only while on the boat. Once you’re in the water, you’re swimming with the current, having no clue of the actual speed you’re enjoying. Best of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

As you progress toward Alcatraz, the water quickly calms and flattens out. You’ll be taking in stunning views and we’ll even remind you to stop and turn around if you forget to.

As we approach Alcatraz, we’ll speed past the ‘Alcatraz Bell Buoy’ and wrap up our swim on the north side of the island.

Don’t worry about the sighting along your swim, we’ll teach you the sighting points on the way out to the jump and are nearby to correct you if you’re swimming off course. In all cases, if you become uncomfortable or want to take a breath, you can come back aboard our escort vessel(s) at any point.

Water Temperature

Winter water temperatures are expected to be 54ºF  or below (12.2ºC) while summer/fall temperatures are typically 56ºF – 60ºF. While we swim year-round in only a swimsuit, cap, and goggles – we’re acclimated. Swim in a swimsuit, wetsuit, or your birthday suit! Just swim and enjoy yourself.

How we’re different

We swim the Golden Gate all the time… and we mean dozens of times during the year. Unlike the mass-market ‘Escape’ swims which charge $250 or more to be one of 25, 50, 300, 400, or even 700+ person herd of swimmers jumping off a ferry or crusty fishing boat, we limit our swim to small groups to give you the personalized attention to this delightful experience you truly deserve!

Please note, this swim, like all of our swims, is not a swim for breaststroke-only swimmers.


Arrange a swim…

If this date doesn’t work for you, get in touch. We can schedule a custom swim to accomplish any of your San Francisco Bay swim goals and can even include the opportunity to have a guest on the boat to watch your swim…